Export Control Compliance

abeMeda is of European Union origin and is subject to the European Union export laws and regulations.
All versions of abeMeda (or previously CDWinder) are unclassified and qualify for export license exception according to the General Software Note (GSN) in Annex I to
Council Regulation (EC) No 428/2009. Therefore, no license for either export or selling the product is required.
Your local authorities may have other additional export control regulations. For instance, ECCN according to US BIS would be 5D992.

More details

Our products are generally available to the public by being sold, without restriction, from stock at retail selling points (software resellers) by means of electronic transactions. All versions of abeMeda are designed for installation by the user without further substantial support by the supplier. Starting with version 5.7, CDWinder and abeMeda have been using and continue to use SSL encryption for authentication purposes only.


More information about the export of dual-use items from the EU can be found on following websites: