Development of CDFinder started in 1995, and its Windows counterpart CDWinder was born in 2000. Together both CDFinders (and their successors abeMeda and NeoFinder) are currently used by more than 40,000 customers in 89 countries all over the world.

Some feedback from our happy customers:

I have used Extensis and then MediaPro as image databases I like your program [abeMeda] better than either of those. Please continue to support and upgrade it! Joan M., USA

Thank you for the new version of CDWinder... it is a priceless tool as I have 12 years of client files on a total of 23 DVDs and must access previous jobs often! [...] I tried a number of archiving programs before deciding on yours. CDWinder is clean, quick, and reliable!!
Vicky R., Indiana, USA

I have downloaded CDWinder and found it the perfect product to catalog our CD's and DVD's. [...]  Especially the fact that we can use CDWinder to access the same database as CDFinder makes these 2 products just what we need.
Willy P., Belgium

Inzwischen sind der CDFinder und der CDWinder für mich zu einem unverzichtbaren Hilfsmittel geworden, um meine Dateien zu verwalten.
Peter H., Germany

Love the program. It has saved me lots of time loading stacks of CDs looking
for some program I wrote in 1984. Harvey J., USA

Thanks for the registration key. That was a painless registration. I heard about your program through our professional photographers association here in NZ. [...]  I have tried a few other similar programs but I sure like simple, fast and effective solutions. It is so easy and intuitive.
Simon H., New Zealand

habe, da ich auf beiden Plattformen arbeite, sowohl CDWinder und CDFinder ausprobiert und bin begeistert. [...] Kompliment zu Ihrem absolut gelungenen Programm !
Reinhard P., Germany

I have been using your CDWinder program for several years now and I think that it is absolutely fantastic.
It is one of THE best pieces of software I own. You are a Maestro!! I have introduced several other users to your program.
Gilbert v.R., New Zealand

Your program is nothing short of remarkable in its depth and features. I was trying another similar program and yours is much more sophisticated.
Steven B., USA

Ich möchte Ihnen für Ihr Programm gratulieren, es zeichnet sich durch Einfachheit aus und ist genau was ich gesucht habe.
Urs R., Switzerland


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