abeMeda goes iOS

Today, we can announce NeoFinder for iOS, a product by our partner Norbert Doerner, that enables us to bring our shared catalogs to iOS devices!

As promised, the app brings the power of NeoFinder and abeMeda to iOS:
  • Keep the catalogs of your entire digital library always with you!
  • Use Dropbox or iTunes to upload your catalog files to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Find your photos, movies, songs, and any cataloged data quickly on your iPhone or iPad, wherever you go.
  • Limit the search to only photos, songs, or movies.
  • The Inspector shows you all the details of your cataloged files, including Previews, EXIF, IPTC, ID3, XMP, song lyrics, cover art, if they are included in your catalogs.
  • Geotags of photos or movies are displayed on the map.
  • Geosearch for all photos or movies within the visible range of the map.

Find out more on the new NeoFinder iOS web site: www.wfs-apps.de/2/neofinder-ios.html
NeoFinder iOS is available today in the Apple App Store!